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All you need to know about a Mosaic Frame

Nowadays Gifting a must needed thing to be presented to your Family member, Friend, or Loved ones. Most of the time people look online for unique identifying gifts to present. You might have seen plenty of Ads regarding the term “Mosaic Frame” on Instagram, Google, and many of the social media platforms.

So, Here in this article, I will be taking you to the virtual tour of Mosaic stuff. When we hear the term “Mosaic”, The only thing we expect and look for is a “Mosaic Frame”. The art is loved by many of the users across India. Taking that into consideration many of the Gifting e-commerce sites have come up with a “Mosaic Frame”, Which can be ordered online by simple steps.

What is Mosaic?

Basically a Mosaic is anything which is assembled irrespective of sizes of a particular thing in a bunch, In the editing world, Mosaic is specifically used for a Collage of plenty of images (Regular or Irregular shaped). Just to add a bit of attraction to it, many of the designers used a Middle/Master image of an individual to cover on the specific college.

What is a Mosaic Frame?

Just to add a bit of attraction to the Mosaic Art, many of the designers used a Middle/Master image of an individual`s picture to cover on the specific college. So that it started to give an awesome and satisfying look which eventually attracted many of the online users to try the “Mosaic Frame”.


Mosaic Frame

Mosaic Frame

What are the Materials used in the Mosaic Frame?

To buy crafted stuff online it’s a must knowing thing about the Material used, As you know a frame must need three things. I.e, Front end look, Backend Quality, and the Frame. Let me take you a bit deep and elaborate on all of these three terms briefly.

Front end: Most of the time firms use Normal or Matte finish lamination as the front end to avoid water and scratches. Lamination is nothing but a thick attached layer upon the print mosaic sheet.
Backend Quality: It plays an important role to figure out whether it’s quality based or not. There are two types of backend when thin cardboard and another one is a thick sheet with smooth finishing.
Frame: Frame term is actually used for referring to borders for anything. Implies, a Frame is not every time a Wooden one. It can be of any quality which would look good. Most of the time all the eCommerce firms use Plastic based frames to avoid damage while delivering.



How to Order a Freaky Mosaic Frame?

No wonder, “Freaky” is just used to identify that the Mosaic Frame and design is from TheFreakyKart. Hope the first of the article has helped you to figure What actually a Mosaic Frame is!
You can place orders using two methods, Website or Direct Whatsapp contact Follow the below instruction to order a Quality based Freaky Mosaic Frame:

Mosaic Frame

Mosaic Frame



Visit the official product page by clicking here
Look for the samples
Select a Size based upon your budget
Enter the link/links of your Background images in the desired entry
Enter the link of your Middle/Master image in the desired entry
Click on “Add to Cart”
Go to Card bucket (location on the top right corner) and press “Continue”
Enter all of the delivery address
Select your Payment Method


Contact via Whatsapp by clicking here
Select a Size
Share your images on Whatsapp by mentioning the middle image
Use your appropriate Payment Method
Get a unique Order ID


So in this session, we have covered various inner topics upon Mosaic and its Mosaic Frame product. Moreover, it is easy to guide you upon ordering a Freaky Mosaic Frame. Hope you loved the article. For further inquiries, you can drop your comment below.

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